Form Follows Function.

At one point in my college career whilst trying to find myself and my passion for

Japanese inspired tower

Japanese inspired tower

something to do in life, Architecture somehow found its way in my scope early on. Perhaps it was because while growing up, the arts had always been a big part of most things I did. I had taken a number of related architecture classes and even though I decided it wasn’t quite for me as a career, it did give me a better appreciation for architecture itself. During one of mcc3the history classes in the study of many prominent Architects, one of my favorites was and still is Frank Lloyd Wright. His thought process about form and function as well as his ideas around overall esthetics was so far ahead of everyone else at the time, he seemed to be several tens of years ahead of his time. Many of his works are attempted today, but never come close to his vision and attention to detail from the building itself down to the furniture that went into it.

Having learned that one of his famous works was right in my backyard was a treasure. I think it was mcc2commissioned back in the 1960s, the Marin Civic Center looks like a building of the future – even today. Oddly enough, some of the structures from the Star Wars movies look very much like the outside of this building – it’s likely that Lucasfilm got some sort of inspiration from this building as Lucas Ranch is not very far from here. I guess you classify this building as Art Deco for it’s many round corners, curved everything

Even the stairwells are thoughtfully designed

Even the stairwells are thoughtfully designed

and ample use of spheres inside and out. There’s a tower on one end of the building that is very Asian in nature – Japanese to be exact. I believe FLW got a lot of his inspiration for this region if my memory serves me right.

Anyhow, not much else to say about this building, but it’s worth a visit – especially if you’ve live here for a while and want ot see a piece of history right around the corner.


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