What’s the Point?


The anchor point of the southern span of the Golden Gate Bridge, this fortress has stood the test of the salty sea.

It’s been here a while. At the gateway and the most westerly opening of the SF Bay stands the world renown Golden Gate Bridge only about 80 years old is anchored (on the San Francisco side) by Fort Point. Nearly twice the age of the GGB, Ft. Point once served as America’s premiere defense from foreign invasion from marine and submarine attack.


Inside one of the stairwell turrets, a view through a weathered window peers out towards a lookout tower.

Today, it’s a nationally protected monument. Today, under the clear blue sky, folks in row and sail boats took advantage of relatively calm ocean currents – even (albeit a bit crazy) a lone surfer near the shoreline made attempts to catch the occasional riptide before crashing into boulders not but 300ft. away.


The stars and stripes are flying half-mast in show of solidarity with Brussels in the wake of a national attack on their sovereignty.

This gave ample opportunity to capture ocean movement – if you didn’t mind challenging the ocean’s unpredictable thunder as the incoming current smashed up against the low-height sea-wall. Being such a bright day, a 3-stop ND was a must while 1/3″ was enough to convey water movement and create some pretty awesome sea sprays.


Going up or down?


Fireworks during the daytime! Water never disappoints.


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