Walking my Glass Off

Waking before the crack of dawn without any breakfast and after a fun-filled (not) early morning in the Gimpo Airport and being escorted straight to start touring the southern island of Jeju-do, it made for another tiresome day …

… but, I am jumping ahead of myself.

jjg (1 of 10)

Southern shore of Jeju-do. This is a Dol Hareubang, the island’s great protector.

Gimpo airport arrival. It’s crazy crowded with most everyone going to Jeju-do, the same place we’re heading off to. Having been dropped curbside, I expected to be greeted by someone to help us with our flight arrangement – I was told that this was to occur. No one. Waited an hour … nada. Knowing that we were to land at 9:30am and it being an hour flight, 8:30am was a good estimate to depart. With still no one to give us our flight information – you know –  the usual airline name, flight number etc. (we had nothing)

What to do? Go to every single flight carrier, give them your Passport/name to see if they’ve got you in their system. One down, no. Two, no. three … 5th one and one I’ve never heard of  called T-way … Bingo! Getting through check-in and a long security line, we made it with 10mins to space.

Met with a smiling face in the Arrivals area, off we go to several places for the day. The unusual place was a glass garden where all of the featured items where made of glass. What to do? Not make images or what? With a seemingly mundane (albeit a very skilled craft in and of itself), subject matter to try and record, what to do, what to do … and how? it was play time. Experimentation time. Angles, zooms, alternative techniques was in order. Here is what fun you can have with the so called mundane. Everything is strait out of camera (mostly) – except for the usual exposure, contrast and shadow bumps.

jjg (10 of 10)

Dragon Face

jjg (9 of 10)

String of glass balls hanging from wires.

jjg (5 of 10)

Moving ‘shroom … I think I took too many

jjg (6 of 10)

Flowers in Rembrandt

jjg (3 of 10)

All heart

jjg (4 of 10)


jjg (2 of 10)

Glass balloon hanging in a tree.

jjg (8 of 10)

Frosty in surprise

jjg (7 of 10)

Flower in full bloom


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