While remaining largely in place during this time in our lives that challenges our resolve to be kind to one another, I find myself, in part, getting lost in my thoughts over recent travels & wander jaunts . Often times, as life continues to steamroll by us, past experiences fast become weakening shades of blur.

Last April’s adventures along the southern coast of Fujian Province in mainland China was yet again a reminder that taking pause to sniff what most wouldn’t dare often times reaps the most rewards. The vastness of the coastline can either jade or inspire you to seek out the beauty in this cross-section of human intervention with natures wonders.

I have long since been enamored with the abstract world around us; zeroing in as close as comfortable enabling a certain level of peacefulness to be achieved – even though there’s chaos swirling around you. Having this time to take myself back to this place through my lens and relive these places through my imagery, it almost always carries back the full and vivid sights, sounds and aromas where landscapes melt their way to dreamscapes begging the question … what are they?

Is knowing important?

Often times not.

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