HooDoo HooNu?

I’ve always heard about Hoodoo’s or toadstools as they are more commonly called. On our last day in the Page, AZ area, it worth the early morning short drive to the Rimrock Hoodoo’s. It’s located right off Hwy 89 towards Kanab just after the 19mi marker on the very southern tip of Grand Escalante. There, apparently, are more spectacular Hoodoo’s in other areas not far from Rimrock, but we were running out of time as we were leaving for Phoenix in a couple of hours. Once parked in the lot not far from the highway, just follow the wash towards the mesa before you and you’ll run right into it – can’t miss it.


Only the shadow knows.

You’re first greeted by the red toadstool standing high and proud above the multicolor badlands below. Getting up the the plateau closer to the mesa wall affords you to climb around a large flat area with other smaller Hoodoo’s. From there, head westerly along the red colored mesa to find more Hoodoo’s of various sizes and shapes. Once you’ve found a few, keep going and you’ll be treated with an entirely different rockscape that changes from the typical cinnamon colored sandstone to a sugary white wonderland that appears like snow. As you sit and set gaze in your surroundings, the curious Hoodoo’s have white stalks with red colored tops.

It is believed that the Hoodoo’s are formed through nature’s erosion of wind and rain with it’s pillars giving way for their soft sandstone properties. Their capstone counterparts precariously balance themselves perfectly as the erosion process begins. It’s sort of a freak of nature if you will and definitely a special sight to see firsthand. Having gone when the sun was just beginning to rise over the mesa, allow me to play around with the morning’s sun against a (too) perfect cloudless brilliant blue sky in and around the Hoodoo’s themselves. Backlighting and pinching the sun against the Hoodoo’s is just another way to gain different compositions. When doing so, take care that your exposure isn’t too dark or too overly done no the highlights – take the middle ground and adjust in post a little bit.

Spend a bit of time relishing in and amongst the white Hoodoo’s in the peaceful and well protected cove. Going early in the AM afforded a quiet solitude as we were the only humans there. I don’t believe this is all that popular of a place, but definitely worth the visit.